Property Register for iPad is an all-in-one solution which will add a sense of elegance to your Open House Inspections as well as keep a perfectly organized client database.

The need for pen to paper client data collection is eliminated with the Property Register application for iPad.

Increase your client reputation by presenting your listings with the iPad delivered Property Register and enter client details on the go with easy export to your desktop PC. Replace the old pen and paper!


1. Professionalism

Stay ahead of the competition by replacing your Clipboard, Paper and Pen with your iPad. Entering all the client information through the ease of the iPad shows you are innovative. Forget the mundane, generic Registry Sheets, Property Register for iPad customises the screen with an image of the property, the property address, price and of course all the contact details for you, the Agent.

2. Reduced Data Entry

Enter your client data once, and once only! Gone are the days of collecting data on paper pads and then heading back to the office to enter it into your PC. Do it all through the Property Register on your iPad and with one click export - you save time. Time which you can focus on SELLING!

3. No Paper Wastage

Forget Register Sheets, Pads, Pens and Clipboards. Load up all the properties from your Portfolio and let Property Register do the rest. Forget sorting out the sheets for each property after a long day of open inspections! Also, coming soon is our Flyer transfer! Save on Flyer costs also by loading a Flyer for each property to Property Register and emailing it to every client that viewed the Property!

4. Direct Client Contact

With Property Register - contacting a client is as simple as one touch! You can email the client within the App and the Email will be customised to the Property you are contacting about.

5. Efficiency

Property Register means you save time. Not only during the open inspection, but also after. The app is extremely intuitive, with more and more features being added through frequent updates, Property Register is the only app an Realtor needs!

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